Sunday, February 15, 2009

easier said then done..

hye peeps..
its been a while not to post anything....i guess..
heaps to write..try 2 minimise..
da late ni..
oops since when i bother about LATE??
yep as usual as ever english profiency..
feeling like i never learn english at times..
arggh doomed me again..
and LDV assignment..
keep reading and browsing to extract the crux of them all(articles)..
and lastly come out with an excellent one..('best-seller'-so called,,)
insyaAllah..with the peserverance and determintion..wah kalo mis ratha bce ni sure bangge tho..=]
lupe an jap pasl assignment..
argghh td g waseh for dinner..
quite late la..yep before ni just hatching a plan nak bli burger pas2 mkn kat rum..
skali abg yg msk cam chef 2 xde lak..haeh..
nak xnak g la mkn kat tempt pling bersih kat jb..
well im not sure this time shifa called me or me myself called goes like this..
anumalona : fa, ko nak pape x..
shifa: xyah da suh shue blikn..
anumalona: ok2..sure ni xnak pape..
shifa: ha ko blikan an soya je la..1 jew..yg keck taw
anumalona: ok2..
(again as usual we talk to each other with the kind of 'quirk' slang..hhaaha)
5 minutes later we proceed our way to the opposite shoplots..
lalu dpan kdai mamak 'mcm2 ada'..coz de 1 of us nak topup..then, unexpectedly came hilarious qalam..haehs..tetibe nak jerit kat ak..ntah ape ntah die mrepek time 2...
haha he claimed that ak kantoi ngan *****..sje je..menganjing ak with those balloney things..
lpas qalam interframe 2 ktorng pon nak blik la..
haha sgt irony!!
seriously i forgot to buy the only 1 soy milk for shifa husna!!
obviously i'l turn to 19 but suffered to short term memory lost..(its exaggerating)
how pathetic..
btol shifa xtipu..lupe sgt..
start to realise this when she sent me a message in skype..
then i only noticed it..wawawa feel like crying now..
guilty sgt..
well people might say that on what porpose i wrote this post..
GUILTY..thats the thing..
im being transparent when it comes to tell people about what saddened me of and guilty...again..!!
well problems strike people's live like the pouring rain..
so my life is..
with the ultimate hope, im praying hard that shifa wont be mad for that matter..
done with my chattering..
till then...

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