Saturday, January 31, 2009

he's so hypocrite..=(

(im so like 'this' after heard the news..)

what should i say??
he's happily doomed me...
yeah he is so good at hypocrisy..

(you are freakin out my life!!)


past is past..
all those lie in the intangible..
seriously pissed me off r..tolong r.. ckp xsupe bikin..emm 2 la LELAKI!!ayat nak sedppp..

it broken my heart la gak..coz he moulded me with all those pious thinking..
papepon..i'l try to look on the bright sides of what had happened..
well people change right..

anyway..the crux that i sensible over what you are doing..whether gud o wrong..think twice..otherwise what's undone can't be undone..
2 la dulu ckp mcm2..janji 2 janji ni..pas2 wat2 lupe..
jgn jdi cam 'makhluk' ni..(mulut die de byk sgt gule..)..sape2 r yg patot..

(wee..cheer up darls!! take it easy..rileks sudeyh..)
~ i goes like 'this' after sometime..huhu~

yep done with my chattering..
~till then~

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