Monday, March 2, 2009

if and only if i could

how should i explain this??..
it doomed me..
fell like crying..
em just the Merciful Allah knows this..
i dont know..
plis Allah, my only me to face all these things..
i just heard my voice within without thinking offence right??
it is happened so fast..felt like i dun even realise it..
even though i knew my decision seems would not make 'that person' happy or contented..
deep down me...a deep apology to you my dear fren..i did not mean to do it..
you know what, all those really intensified me with negative thoughts, perception, and somehow i dont deserve to be your fren..

till then~


  1. dont be sad.. Allah always wit us.. =)
    pray to Allah.. Allah will help us =)

  2. heyya..
    come on!!
    be strong!!
    trust with god..
    so all the problems will settle!