Saturday, January 31, 2009

he's so hypocrite..=(

(im so like 'this' after heard the news..)

what should i say??
he's happily doomed me...
yeah he is so good at hypocrisy..

(you are freakin out my life!!)


past is past..
all those lie in the intangible..
seriously pissed me off r..tolong r.. ckp xsupe bikin..emm 2 la LELAKI!!ayat nak sedppp..

it broken my heart la gak..coz he moulded me with all those pious thinking..
papepon..i'l try to look on the bright sides of what had happened..
well people change right..

anyway..the crux that i sensible over what you are doing..whether gud o wrong..think twice..otherwise what's undone can't be undone..
2 la dulu ckp mcm2..janji 2 janji ni..pas2 wat2 lupe..
jgn jdi cam 'makhluk' ni..(mulut die de byk sgt gule..)..sape2 r yg patot..

(wee..cheer up darls!! take it easy..rileks sudeyh..)
~ i goes like 'this' after sometime..huhu~

yep done with my chattering..
~till then~

Thursday, January 29, 2009

buckle up guys!!

safety first..fasten your seat belt..
sounds familiar huh??(last time nampk ni kat dlm bus..but what sadden me so badly is that the condition of it!!)

yeah 100% familiar..
well undeniably it's a law reinforced worldwidely and every human being ( so-called) has to abide by it..(mat rempit never do this..obviously..)

and it is loudable when its come to people who do buckle up everytime they get in the car..
well definitly the word 'loudable' not for fame's a MUST!!

hurmm..exception would be granted to the most hot vampire on the honey; Edward Cullen..tq
[wink2].. done with my chattering..
~till then~~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

action speaks louder than word!

here comes the new resolution...

Im trying to face the reality...what is past should be past..there are lot of important things to think of..future especially..time to change..time to change to make a new step and a new breath..

you have the ability in yourself..try harder to accomplish not spoil y our entire life just because those baloney things out there!

how i wish to get over my old now put extra effort to execute everything planned..hopefully my effort done ingeniously.

nothing else..but..

here it strikes ma life again..
its totally galling me!!
n so wat??!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


wooppss!!kerinduan sama shiapa??like da...$%&##

peepers out there plis do not be cheated by dis title..


btw the 1st thing that come out of ur trail of thought is a person that so-called 'boyfriend right??

haha...nah bkn deyh..xde kaitan langsung..

act malu lor nak gtau kerinduan sama shiapa..

oh my gang larut malam surely know dis..

its been a long time not meeting HER..

as though i felt like dying all days long..

no one can describe how much pain inflict on me..

a day without her would bring my day to an end..

she is my sweet sweet mis r****!!

spell it ursef..aha..
she's the one with a nice scent..=)
one of the most fabulous woman i had ever met before..omg!
every times she mouthed the words;its so like dazzle me..
she is the woman with a determined heart n a sophisticated look..
how i wished to be like her someday..ahaks..
hehe..sje jeh ni..
da one that i meant is kind of related to 'poetry' la..
she's teaching enlish s*****..
cam dapt je teka an...
so in a nut shell, i missed her so much!!

at last..phew..

omg..anum dear wake up!!end of hols at last..seisly i dunno exactly wat im done throughout dis time..duh..petak sudah..n now words are so tangled up im my brain..hard 2 express anything..since dis is my 1st time blogging..huhu..em done packing main things so far..just want 2 throw whatever whatnots later...[sigh..]haha hard 2 depict my real life in here..pape je la..
jb would be waiting for me on saturday n realy really a no-no situation 4 me..n for sure chaos,hectics n strangers all surrounds me..could i be an invisible just for a few sec plis!!how i wished..
luckly nana would be together wif me..da 1 who'l keep me safe al day long..insyaAllah..
well al those crappy would be automatically away of my mind; just b'coz da present of husein, meon, buang, jaki n kuden!! damn missed u all..n sure there would b hundred of gossips, grandma's story, em just a or few comments 'bout studies..probably..hehs..
nway just wait for the day 2 really come..=)